Merchants Wanted!

Are you a merchant? Looking for an event to setup up at and try to off-load (uhhhh, sell) items in your inventory.

Have to much stuff in the sewing/craft room that you don’t use or haven’t touched in years?

Well come on out, set up a table, throw down a blanket, and join the fun.

We, have plenty of room for everyone. No need to be shy.

No merchant fees, just your site entry.

All I need from you is the following:

Mundane/SCA Name
Name of Business (if you have one)
Size needed for tent/day shade

If you are staying on-site, will you be staying with your tent or separate? I can give extra room if camping with your booth.

So, send in those inquiries? I look forward to hearing from you.

Lady Juliana verch Hoell
Merchant Coordinator