Fundraiser Lunch

Fundraiser Lunch

The fundraiser lunch at Panhandle Skirmishes will be an a-la-carte menu of hot dogs, chili, snacks/desserts, and drinks. Mix and match as you please! Proceeds benefit the Osprey/Coastal Newcomers Fund.

– Beef, Turkey, or Vegetarian Hot Dog: $1
– (add a scoop of chili: +$1)
– Bowl of Beef or Vegan Chili: $3
– Cold drink (bottled water, soda, or juice box), chips, desserts: $1 each or 3/$2

Hot dog/chili toppings available: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, shredded cheese, chopped onions, jalapenos, pickle relish, hot sauce, sauerkraut

Allergen/diet info

All snacks/desserts will be commercially purchased, so you will be able to check the ingredients on the packages. The chili is homemade and ingredients lists will be available.

Vegetarian/vegan items:
– Vegan chili will be available
– Vegetarian hot dog brand TBD
– Buns do not contain dairy/whey
– Some snacks/desserts will be vegan

Gluten free items:
– The beef hot dogs are gluten free if eaten without a bun
– Both chilis are gluten free
– Some snacks/desserts will be gluten free

Allergies/dietary concerns:
– Both chilis contain onion and green bell pepper
– Neither chili contains jalapenos
– Both chilis will be served mild; hot sauce and jalapenos will be available to add if you want

Please contact THL Jessica of Osprey with any additional questions/concerns.